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Art and About in Sydney

Art and About Sydney

There always lots of things to do in Sydney and Art and About is one of the attractions that our community loves. Check out what's been happening with Art and About Sydney.

3 local kids are tour guides of their ‘hoods (Kings Cross and Redfern). Take a tour devised and led by children, and rediscover what it was like to wander the streets until dinner time. Starting at a special kid-designed Departure Lounge, you’ll head out into the inner city to see the world through the eyes of our young tour guides.

Us is a temporary photo studio set up at the QVB forecourt where you can be part of a group photograph with people you’ve never met before. Once your picture has been snapped, you’ll be given your own signed and numbered copy to take home. All photos will also be posted to Tumblr, creating a digital archive of this unique take on a day we all remember – school photo day.

Created by James Dive, he says: “Groups of people form all the time for no other reason than pure coincidence, like when waiting to cross the road or inside an elevator,” creator James Dive said. “These groups form momentarily and then disperse. I wanted to formally capture one of these spontaneous groups.

“I enjoy work that’s interruptive, art that gets in the way of your daily routine. Art & About presents an ideal opportunity to present work to an unsuspecting audience,” Mr Dive said.

Art and About Sydney

Best described as part dance performance, part ballet, part outdoor spectacle, Trolleys is a 20 minute outdoor high-energy theatre work where street dancers and acrobats come together with the humble shopping trolley to spin, glide and slide across city spaces.

This week performances are taking place at 12pm and 1.30pm at Pitt Street Mall, sure to pull big crowds.

Art and About Sydney

Written and performed by some of Sydney’s most exciting young writers, Armchair Apocalypse will combine theatrical antics, music and storytelling in one of the most interesting projects in the festival’s 13-year history. Considered to be amongst the first intimate public performance theatre in homes Armchair Apocalypse will delight audiences and those offering up their homes as a unique performance venue.

A select number of Sydneysiders with a sense of humour and adventurous spirit are opening up their homes and will host public performances of a 40-minute, intimate theatre show for up to 20 people in their living rooms. This will give people a chance to experience art and performance in a very different, engaging and fun way, where Armchair Apocalypse performers will literally jump off the stage and into your home.

Armchair Apocalypse is written and performed by Cait Harris, Penelope Greenhalgh and Lydia Nicholson of Rock Surfers Theatre Company. Each performance is individually tailored for the audience once the performers arrive at each home.

Art and About Sydney

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