Top 5 indulgent experiences in and around Sydney

Being Australia’s most populous city, and one of the world’s most visited and loved places with its natural beauty, vibrant buzz and lively outdoor lifestyle, Sydney is the ultimate destination for all travel lovers. From its stunning beaches, iconic buildings and five-star dining, to sightseeing adventures, there is never a time when you will find yourself short of diverse luxuries and unique experiences in and around New South Wales’ State capital.

Here’s a pick of the top five experiences to indulge in and around Sydney!

Fly through the city in style

Do you see yourself as one of those people who enjoys the finer things in life? If so, why walk to see your favourite sites when you can take the scenic route by flying over the Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson, Blue Mountains and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a private jet or charter helicopter? This is becoming an ever increasing and popular means of transport for visitors wanting that little bit more out of their experience; so sit back and relax as you are taken care of by second to none air chartering services such as Chapman Freeborn, leaving you with such a memorable day: it will be hard to keep your feet on the ground, literally!

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Sydney cheese and wine experience

Who said that cheese and wine are only French specialities? Here in Sydney, you can taste the finest flavours specially imported from some of the best regions in France! This experience is suited to those people who appreciate good food, accompanied with the tastiest savours of whites and reds, but it is important to note that you do not have to be a cheese and wine connoisseur to enjoy this pleasurable fine dining!

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Lord Howe Island

OK it's not exactly in Sydney but definitely worth taking a flight to Lord Howe Island. Offering unique natural beauty and diversity with its rare collections of birds, plants and marine life, this island is the perfect place to unwind amongst the serene nature, as well as exploring and snorkelling over immaculate coral reefs. Known to the locals as ‘the last paradise,’ Lord Howe Island earned its place on the World Heritage list for its crystal clear lagoon and dramatic mountains overlooking the world’s southernmost coral reef and continues to be one of Sydney’s best hidden secrets.

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Sail around Sydney in luxury

If you thought that flying through the city in a private jet was breath-taking, why not hire a private yacht to add to your to-do list of luxuries? This is a truly memorable adventure, taking advantage of the beautiful Sydney Harbour views as you sail along the crystal clear blue waters and take in the picture perfect sights. Many of the boats come with a personal tour guide, meaning you not only witness breathtaking views, but you will also be given insights into the history and culture of some of the best sights Sydney has to offer.

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Five star dining

As a visitor to Sydney, you should only experience the best. That’s why Quay is a must visit; it’s ranked in Australia’s top ten restaurants and also in the world’s 100 best listings.

This exquisite fine dining experience will make you want to tell all your friends. Overlooking stunning views of the Sydney Harbour, the restaurant aims to give a rich experience and to explore some of Australia’s most beautiful, natural produce. From the glassware to the tablecloths, the attentive service to the impeccable menu, there is simply no faulting the overall cuisine and dining experience at Quay.

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