Slow Cow the drink with L-Theanine

I met the Australian distributors of a drink called Slow Cow so they gave me some to try. I am not one that usually consumes flavoured drinks, however I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this drink which, to me, doesn’t taste sweet.

Slow Cow contains a wonderful blend of botanicals and an amazing amino acid (L-Theanine). The botanical blend is made of flora and herbs like Passiflora, Linden & Hops. L-Theanine (pronounced L, thee-an-een) is naturally found in green tea used in a concentrated form.

There is no sugar, caffeine, taurine or guarana so you won’t get a sudden jolt of energy or a massive crash afterwards. Instead, you should find yourself feeling cool and calm under pressure and able to concentrate even after lunch when you would rather be curled up on the lounge.

I have to say it does seem to be calming. Try it yourself.

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