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You heard it from SydneyChic so #SpreadTheSecret

Australia has been in the grips of a devastating Hazelnut spread shortage and Macabella is here to save the day!

Australia’s love of hazelnut filled doughnuts and treats has created a national shortage of a much loved spread, putting the rest of the country into a nutty panic!

With the next shipment of this favourite hazelnut spread still a way off, recently launched macadamia nut chocolate spread rival ‘Macabella’ is saving Aussie breakfasts, the 3pm afternoon slump and after school treats, one jar at a time.

Macabella’s friendly staff will be on hand in Sydney and Melbourne to solve the nut spread crisis. Come down, say hi and give them an empty jar or whisper the codeword “#SpreadTheSecret” to get your complimentary jar of Macabella chocolate spread.

For Aussies who aren’t in Sydney or Melbourne, Macabella is available from Woolworth’s and Coles stores nationally.

Friday August 7, 2015

Henry Dean Plaza

Devonshire Street tunnel (Central Station exit towards George Street)

7.30am to 11am

or more information visit

Insta & Twitter : @macabellaspread

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