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The Quickest & Tastiest Burritos Delivered in Sydney

Yesterday I had a received the biggest burrito I had ever seen right to my desk! I had to add I was starving at the time so when my burrito arrived I was in heaven! The burrito was derived by James Jordan as part of a campaign to crowd fund for Danny Burrito, a start up in Sydney delivering on-demand burritos by bike couriers.

James Jordan is a Bondi local who is trying to raise $10,000 to cover upfront costs of Danny Burrito including hiring bike couriers, licensing, website development, branding and packaging. As you can see from my instagram photo, the packaging is awesome and keeps the burrito safe from being squashed and warm. Orders can also be tracked in real time via a delivery app.

Currently in its trial phase, the Mexican fusion recipes have been developed by food blogger Megan Yonson (Meg & Veg) and are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, all wrapped in the unique canisters.

There are four flavours on offer including Braised Beef, Chilli Con Carn't (veg), Chipotle Chicken and Pulled Pork. I had the Pulled Pork and it was awesome!

If you would like to get involved for the launch on 1st November hop on to the Danny Burrito website - there's a tasty reward for every donation.

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