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Sydney Gig review -  Spin Drifters Nov 16th at the Basement, Next Show Monday 7th Dec at the Basemen

As a relative newcomer to Western Swing music, the Spin Drifters gig at the Basement was quite the introduction. My face had a permanent grin plastered on it from beginning the end. I literally had face-ache from smiling.. it was that good!

The Spin Drifters is a true Australian supergroup, featuring the most respected, prolific and awarded session players and live performers in the country. It wasnt just the audience who loved the gig, the enthusiasm coming from the stage was contagious as well.. ‘People really felt the joy of us and what we put into the first show’ said George WashingmachineThe vibe of that gig was just incredible.. the next one is only going to bigger, bolder and better again’

Fans would know George Washingmachine as the jazz and country genius who’s played with legends like Bo Diddley and brings a hilarious vocal style and flamboyant mastery of the fiddle and guitar to the stage. When he tells you the show is going to be fun, you absolutely know it will be a hoot.

The full Spin Drifters lineup is CMAA Female Artist of the Year, Performer of the Year and Peoples Choice Award Winner for Best Female Vocalist on multiple occasions, Felicity Urquhart leads the charge (Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole) with Stuie French, Michael Vidale, Garry Steel, Hamish Stuart, Claire O’Meara, George Washingmachine, Michel Rose and Andrew Richardson.

And what IS Western Swing? Its struck me as a uniquely high-energy musical hybrid that really gets you moving in your seat (and on your feet!).. it cherry-picks each artist’s favourite Jazz and Country sounds and styles and then throws them together on stage. It’s a pretty wonderful musical mosh.

Spin Drifters founding member Andrew Richardson describes their sound as ‘lightning fast twin fiddles, Tex Mex, Louisiana blues, pedal steel, classic country & plenty of mayhem’

This crew has played together in various combinations on major recordings and stages for decades, but this is the first time they’ve all come together in one group. In the Spin Drifters they play their favourite tunes.. and they are taking it seriously.. ‘Claire and I have been practicing and practicing our fiddling. The first show was a great way to kick things off, with this group we want to make sure we keep bringing bring our best stuff’ George said, ahead of the next show (they’re two of the very best fiddlers going around, so this says a lot for the respect they have for their Spin Drifters band-mates).

*Claire is of course, Claire O’Meara, a first-call session musician, on speed-dial for artists like Beccy Cole, who has also built a loyal fan base in Fiddlers Feast and Feel the Manouch.

Stuie French is the guitar virtuoso who has leant his sound to artists like Tommy Emmanuel and Troy Cassar Daley..

expect to hear more fresh, rootsy music played with huge passion… there's no gimmicks, its all about being able to play well. We’ll bring the hillbilly roots in this show too.’

‘The Musicianship will blow everyone away.. the instrumentalists, the singers, the humour and enjoyment you get from this feel good music is awesome’ adds Felicity

For Western Swing fanatics and good music lovers of all ages and stages, it is so worth popping into the Basement for their next gig on the 7th from 7.. the show will curl your bellybutton into a smile!

*The Basement is also whipping up a tasty Southern Comfort menu of black eyed peas, Southern sliders filled with pulled lamb shoulder and Cajun barramundi as well as New Orleans Bourbon Street Mardi Gras steak, Southern fried chicken and maple-glazed Cajun Mahi-Mahi for only $25 a head. Yum!!

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