Am I Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

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Corsetieres from luxury French lingerie brand and 2017 winner of the International Intimate Apparel Industry’s ‘Designer of The Year’ award, Simone Pérèle, have devised a list of the most common signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size.

The Solution?

A quick fitting consultation with an expert will ensure you are wearing the right size for your shape.

Your Bra is Too Tight

Does your bra feel too tight around the back? The cup might be too small, so try going up a cup size before you reach for next back size up.

Eden Chic Half Cup

Your Bust Sits Outside the Cup

If your breast tissue is sitting outside the edges of the bra cups, your bra will have to work extra hard and may stretch out faster.

Your Bra Straps are Falling Down

Try tightening your straps first. If this doesn’t work, the cup could be too wide or the back could be too loose.

Your Underwire Rides Up onto Breast Tissue

The underwire should sit behind the breast, not onto it. If the underwire is digging in to the breast tissue you may require a larger size.

The Cup Fabric Gathers

If lace cup fabric gathers around the top of the bust or if the top of the bra doesn’t sit flush against the skin, the cup is too large.

Your Wire Snaps

Every wire starts off shaped like a basketball (round). If you’re bra is too small, the weight of the bust can flatten the wire, morphing the cup shape into more of a football.

The pressure on the wire can cause it to snap.

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