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If There is one Purchase a Girl Needs to Make this Winter it's to own a Rocky Rafaela

Rocky Rafaela

As soon as I read the press release for Rocky Rafaela from one of my fav PR company's Black Sixteen, I immediately emailed Scott for some images to share on Sydney Chic.

Once a sign of rebellion or a hint you were hiding a Harley in the garage, the biker jacket has become an off-duty wardrobe staple for women seeking to add a casual yet premium ‘bad girl’ edge to their style. I must say I'm a big fan of biker jackets and have been all my life.

Blurring the line between masculine the feminine, Australian fashion label, Rocky Rafaela, have launched their latest collection of 100% genuine leather biker jackets and vests for women; the detail is phenomenal.

Sydney Blog

Experimenting with vibrant pops of colour, laser cut leather embellishments and intricate carved cowhide patterns, Rocky Rafaela leathers are constructed by hand using quality Australian and international materials, and lined with a premium satin fabric for comfort.

Sexy Biker Jackets

A purchase of one of these jackets isn't a budget buy; it's an investment! They are a statement piece for a confident women who knows she can wear this and turn heads. The Rocky Rafaela label has become a must-have essential for empowering female celebrities such as Ruby Rose and Gigi Hadid. Hardly surprising!

Rocky Rafaela

Available online globally online. Rocky Rafaela biker jackets and vests are made to order in sizes small to x-large and take approximately 2-4 weeks to construct from time of purchase. Custom orders also available.

Custom made jackets

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