Red Fern Lingerie For Women Who Are, or Have Suffered, Breast Cancer

I recently had a chat with Tina Doueihi the founder of Red Fern Lingerie a company that strives to create beautiful & luxurious lingerie for those who have, or are going through breast cancer. Red Fern Lingerie aim to help women who have experienced breast cancer to reconnect with their femininity, and to feel sexy and confident. Tina, herself is a breast cancer survivor, having being diagnosed at just age 37.

After surgery, Tina attended a speciality mastectomy boutique to be fitted for a bra and was not impressed at the limited range available. Tina was used to wearing designer lingerie brands such as Simone Perele, Chantelle, La Perla, and Elle McPherson Intimates! The only option available were functional bras that were plain in design and style. At age 37, Tina felt that wearing these functional bras were what her great grandmother must have worn, and that's when the seed was planted to help women to still feel feminine as they were going through, and after, breast cancer treatment.

A few years later, Red Fern Lingerie was born. The lingerie created is stylish, modern, feminine and sexy and yes they are also functional with a discreet cotton pocket lining for an optional prosthetic. All models used in Red Fern Lingerie’s campaigns are real sexy survivors®. Red Fern Lingerie choose to use real sexy survivors® because the company desires the brand to be real.

About Tina's Journey

Tina was 37 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite no family history of breast cancer, Tina was the 1 in 8 statistic. Tina’s treatment was surgery (mastectomy and immediate reconstruction), chemotherapy and tamoxifen.

Tina strongly believes in giving back to the community that gave her so much during treatment and up to the present day. Tina is an Ambassador and member of the speakers bureau for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Tina speaks at events to raise awareness of the disease and funds for the work of the foundation. Tina is also a member of the review and survey group for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Tina found it difficult enough to deal with breast cancer and the loss of her breast, even though she was able to have an immediate reconstruction. Losing a breast was terrible but with the other brutal side effects of chemotherapy including the loss all things feminine – hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, nails and then the realisation that the lingerie market no longer recognised her as a sexy woman.

At 37 years of age Tina wanted to feel like the young woman she was, not the breast cancer woman wearing functional and boring bras. She wanted the same choice as other women when it came to lingerie purchases. It was this experience that drove Tina to create a brand that understands breast cancer survivors who want the choice to be able to choose sexy lingerie. That is how Red Fern Lingerie for Sexy Survivors was born.


When you purchase from Red Fern Lingerie you will be asked to nominate a charity at the checkout who you wish to support. At the end of every financial year the charity with the most nominations will receive a financial donation from Red Fern Lingerie.

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