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Things to do in Sydney: A Pantomime With A Difference

Puss in Boots

Relaxed performance for children and adults with disabilities

City Recital Hall will be putting on a pantomime with a difference on Saturday 13 January, as they prepare for their relaxed performance of Puss in Boots. City Recital Hall has been working with Autism Spectrum Australia to create an autism-friendly experience for guests.

“Sometimes making a few small adjustments can make a big difference for people with disabilities and their families,” said Aspect National Manager, Dr Tom Tutton.

In addition to sensory adjustments, such as modified lighting and sound, the relaxed nature of the performance removes some of the typical behavioural expectations of theatre-going.

Doors will be left open so guests can come and go as they please, movement and audience participation is encouraged, guests can bring their own food or toys and chill out spaces will be provided.

Guests will also be sent a visual story and can visit the venue in advance to familiarise themselves with the space.

“The most important thing is that we want people on the autism spectrum and their families to feel comfortable, welcomed and supported – that is the essence of a relaxed performance,” continued Dr Tutton.

“The team at City Recital Hall, along with the cast and crew, are so excited to be presenting this panto,” said Elaine Chia, Chief Executive Officer of City Recital Hall.

“A big part of why we work in the arts is from our own experiences growing up being entertained by great actors and musicians. We all feel very deeply that everyone should have the opportunity to have that same experience and we hope this relaxed performance will be just one of those opportunities we can bring to Sydney audiences,” concluded Ms Chia.

The Puss in Boots relaxed performance will be on Saturday 13 January from 10:30am at City Recital Hall, 2 Angel Place Sydney. Tickets are on sale now via

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