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SAINT: Follow This Guy For Fitness and Fashion


I first met saint.luke (SAINT) at an event at Star City and I couldn't help but notice how stylish he was. He oozed Style. He was with the lovely Tegan Martin and they both looked so fabulous I took a photo of the two of them and put it on Instagram. From that photo SAINT and I became friends, we even attended the Polo in the City together.


So I thought it was time I showcased some of SAINT's style here on Sydney Chic. I asked SAINT about his style and how he chooses what to wear.

It's quite an obsession because SAINT thinks about what he is going to wear all the time whether it is for a shoot or just going out and about. SAINT's style varies between high fashion/street wear which he likes to mix together.


It doesn’t have to always be about designer items. SAINT is constantly looking at men’s style from the runway to just simply walking down the street or in a magazine. When he sees a certain style or combination that he likes, he takes note then always deconstructs that image in his mind and work out how he can make that particular look be different and represent him and his lifestyle.


It always depends on what mood he is in as well, he might be feeling street one day or classy and chic the next.

Follow SAINT on instagram for more great looks @saint.luke

Saint Luke

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