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The Lights of Christmas, Sydney

The Lights of Christmas

For the 9th year, The Lights of Christmas have lit up Sydney once again at St Mary's Cathedral. The nightly light and sound show will run from December 5 – 25 inclusive, with 7.30pm choir performances and projections from 8.30pm to midnight.

The Lights of Christmas is now a Sydney tradition, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people annually. For 2018 The Lights of Christmas has partnered with one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected medical institutions, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney raising funds for the Hospital’s Heart and Lung Transplantation program.

The Lights of Christmas Sydney

The Lights of Christmas has become a tradition for communities from all around Sydney to come together for a night filled with song, sound and brilliant light, joining the thousands who flock nightly to St Mary’s Cathedral Square for the free show.

Each evening consists of a kaleidoscopic of light and colour, a story written and narrated by actor and writer Simon Pryce (AKA the Red Wiggle), and a collection of artworks of the Madonna and Child.


The Show will feature Christmas Kindness, a story written and narrated by actor/writer Simon Pryce which explores the powerful impact of giving rather than receiving. The beautifully animated story will follow central character, Roger Robot who feels overlooked for new toys gifted at Christmas, on a journey to making friends, sharing love, and helping others through the gift of giving, that ends with a happy Christmas Day for all.

The Lights of Christmas Sydney


Following Christmas Kindness a traditional series of Madonna and Child artworks will be showcased.

Provided by the famous Galleria Borghese in Rome, home to an esteemed collection of classical art the new images selected for the 2018 show include six artworks by Italian renaissance artists Giovanni Bellini, Francesco Francia, Pompeo Batoni, Pietro Perugino, Marcello Provenzale and Perin del Vaga. This segment honours the essence of the Christmas story and the beauty of the relationship between mother and child.

The Lights of Christmas Sydney


At the conclusion of The Lights of Christmas we are left with the tranquility and peace of candles illuminating the 75 metre facade which echoes the new light installation located at the College Street entrance to the magnificent St Mary’s Cathedral.

The Lights of Christmas would not be possible without the generous support of event partners: Paynter Dixon, the NSW Government, the Australian Catholic University, the Technical Direction Company, PAYCE, Catholic Super, Bar Coco, the City of Sydney, Chas Clarkson and event host the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

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Images: 321 Photography (supplied)

The Lights of Christmas Sydney

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