Rolls Vietnam

by Deb Carr

I've walked past Rolls on Oxford so many times and noticed the shop is always full of customers, so that is a good sign. Finally, I called in to try some of the food myself and was greeted by friendly staff and a big decision to make - what would I try? So the decision was made for me, the staff decided to let me sample a few things: The Spring Roll was delicious, great taste and did not leave that oily feeling, I had little sample of the pork on its own which has quite a distinct taste, however my favourite was the fresh chicken was delicious.

If that wasn't enough I also had already ordered the Vietnamese Pork Roll....full of salad and other fillings as well. I didn't manage to eat it all as I am not actually a big eater - it's certainly a meal in itself. This is the classic roll inspired by French colonisation. It only gels together by using the freshest fillings on a crisp baked baguette. Each filling has the unique purpose to create the perfect balance of Vietnamese & French flavours.

The food is prepared fresh and the premises clean.

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