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Things to do in Sydney: Take a Helicopter Ride

I woke up really excited this morning because I was going to take a helicopter flight over Sydney thanks to Adrenalin and the wonderful team at Heli Experiences who offer helicopter tours in all the major capitals of Australia. It’s actually the first time I’ve flown in a helicopter despite the fact I’ve been in the air so many times I have lost count.

Blake, our pilot, called me yesterday to confirm the time and greeted me when I arrived. Having a brother, who is an international commercial pilot, has me fascinated with aviation, so poor Blake was thrown all sorts of questions about his experience, and after chatting with him I knew I was in good hands.

Before we took off Blake gave us a safety chat, we were given life jackets and instructed what to do with regards to approaching the helicopter.

When we were strapped in, it was just a matter of time waiting for clearance and before we knew it we were airborne. What an amazing experience this was! As I write this I am still on a high!

This take off was so different than being in a plane, for a start I was sitting next to the pilot so I had the most amazing view as we effortlessly lifted up towards the CBD. I think one of the most outstanding features of this flight is how low we actually were flying, and the view of the Harbour Bridge and city was nothing short of spectacular.

Being a blogger and social media marketer I was filming the flight live on Periscope (You can watch here).

The views of the city were breathtaking, and once we turned up towards Bondi Beach the ocean was the most beautiful aqua and blue. Blake told me he had spotted a whale on the flight before but unfortunately we didn’t get to see one on this trip. What really mesmerized me was how low down we could fly.

This was one of the highlights of my blogging experiences and I would personally highly recommend booking a helicopter flight through Adrenalin. One of these flights would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone special in your life ….or for yourself.

I truly believe pictures speak a thousand words so I’ve included video and lots of pics in this post.

Flights can be booked online through Adrenalin and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Video of landing


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