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Here's the Solution for the "Desperate and Dog-less"

Photo: Instagram me with Bundy when he was a puppy


Australia’s first dog sharing site adds a borrowing feature to its online network

To get my dog fix I have to travel to the country to see my daughter and spend time with Bundy, her Border Collie, but now, thanks to Australia’s first dog-sharing website, I can register to be one of the “desperate and dog-less” and dog share with dog owners.

Initially launched to connect like-minded and caring dog owners with one another to assist in the daily care of their respective pets, the site is now open to any pup aficionado. Time-poor dog owners now have an even larger network of free doggy day (or night) carers, looking to share the unconditional love (and responsibility) of their canine companion. There are no fees involved for both the owner and the borrower.

Because not everyone in Australia is in the position to own a dog this is a great way to spend time with those furry cuties without the full time responsibility.

The site works much like online dating and is simple to use. Borrowers create a profile about themselves and their prior dog experience and indicate the services they’re happy to provide. Borrowers can offer to cover dog walking, overnight or vacation stays, assist with dog appointments or simply check in on the dog while its owners are at work.

Borrowers profiles are then made available to Dogshare’s dog-owning community who can connect with suitable ‘matches’ and arrange a local park meet-up to see if dog, owner and borrower are a good match.

The borrower gets access to a dog and all the benefits that go with it, while the owner has someone to love and care for their pet when they can’t.

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