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Thanks to AtlasTrend Now Anyone Can Learn to Invest

Atlas Trends

I had the pleasure of sharing a cup of tea with Jade Ong, co-founder of investment and wealth management startup, AtlasTrend.

Jade is a market investment specialist who started AtlasTrend in 2015 with friends and former colleagues Kevin Hua and Kent Kwan. The trio wanted to make investing accessible for everyday Australians, even those who had little money to invest and no knowledge about investing.

Atlas Trend

Jade has almost a decade of investment experience at Macquarie Group, both in Sydney and London, and returned to Australia realising the massive untapped potential for everyday Australians to capitalise on global market opportunities. I've noted some of the trends and companies below.

Jade and her colleagues have built a platform that is easy to use, safe and a great way to start investing for long term.

Atlas Trend

For those who feel uncomfortable investing in the markets, AtlasTrend provides an engaging and transparent way to gain exposure to global shares via managed funds called "Trends". These are built around global trends like the rise of online shopping and one interesting trend "baby boomers".

AtlasTrend lets you build your wealth with globally diversified, professionally managed funds - from as little as $100/month. As, well for a small subscription fee of $9 month (paid yearly) you will have unlimited access to investment ideas and insights. In fact signing up takes no time at all, and for someone who hasn't had a lot of experience in investments, like myself, it's a great way to learn.


Once you sign up it's a matter of choosing your investing portfolio from a selection of our managed funds called Trends such as:

Big Data Big: Tailored Investments – Technology, Software, Cloud, Data Centres, Cyber Security, Networking.

Sample Companies in Trend: Alphabet ("Google"), Apple Inc.

Healthy Lifestyle: Tailored Investments – Health & Organic Foods, Nutritional Supplements, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Sportswear

Sample Companies in Trend: Nike, Sanofi

Online Shopping Spree: Tailored Investments – E-commerce Retailers, Logistics, Online Marketplaces

Sample Companies in Trend:, FedEx Corporation

Splurging Baby Boomers: Tailored Investments – Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Travel, Luxury Cars & Goods, House Builders, Technology

Sample Companies in Trend: Daimler AG, Royal Caribbean

More than 3,000 people have already signed up to AtlasTrend, with a significant majority of investing members already seeing a positive return on their investments. I've just started to explore the website (when you sign up you can trial for 30 days). There is an abundance of information for members on investing. Watch this space, I think Jade and her colleagues are onto something amazing here.

Find out more here.

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