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Ex Police Officer Shot in the Face and Survives

Having been involved in the motivational speaking industry for a decade I have met many inspiring people. Some of the stories that I have heard make me wonder how human beings can be so resilient. Daryl Elliott Green is one such person. We had a chat recently about the day his life changed dramatically when he was shot on duty in the face.


Shot in the face and shoulder by a semi-automatic .22 calibre rifle from a metre away, Daryl had just encountered every police officer’s worst nightmare.

Doubled over by the impact, and suffering critical injuries and blood loss, he somehow managed in the chaos to draw his service revolver, exit the vehicle and start searching for the gunman.

Three weeks later, after a massive manhunt, Nigel Parodi, a former private schoolboy known to police, was found dead in bushland near the Chermside crime scene. He had taken his own life.

Following a 20 month period of recovery, Daryl eventually returned to work with the Queensland Police Service, and in an effort to get on with his life, embarked on a Master of Applied Finance from the University of Southern Queensland, which he completed in 2008. But during this time and over the next seven years, Daryl climbed physical, as well as, mental mountains. While he underwent a series of facial reconstruction surgeries, for the first time in his life, he experienced debilitating depression. Yet, somehow, through it all, he was able to find within himself an incredible strength of character, determination and resilience that at times he didn’t know he had.

Read more about Daryl on his website


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