The worst toasted cheese and tomato sandwich in the world

by Deb Carr

At the risk of being sued I won't name this cafe/restaurant but I will tell you it's down the business end of the CBD around Chifley Square. This morning two of us had breakfast here, which cost the following: Soy Cap $4.00 Mug Long Black $4.50 Ham Cheese and Tomato toasted on Turkish $9.00 Cheese and Tomato toasted on multi $8.00 Total: $25.50 The coffee was OK but my cheese and tomato sandwich was inedible. Firstly, it was served to me cut in half with the bottom half of one side broken so I couldn't pick it up. As I tried to repair the damaged sandwich I took the top half off to discover that one side had only tomato and no cheese! However, apart from this, the sandwich was actually two pieces of unbuttered toast (yes from the toaster) then filled with thick sliced cold tomato and some Swiss cheese, which wasn't even melted. Yep, not even pressed in a sandwich press. I actually didn't eat it and when the waiter came to clear the dishes he didn't even ask me why I didn’t' eat it. No excuse for this, even the local takeaway can make a decent toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. Actually so can I!!


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