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The Body Bolster - Will Improve Posture

By Deb Carr

I met up with Flavia Abbate recently who is a Co-Founder of Bolster Trading. Flavia demontrated the bodybolster to me as I am sitting quite a lot at my desk typing (far more than I would like really). I was immediately impressed by how much straighter I sat and how much better I felt.

As well as being fabulous for posture you can use the bolster for stretching exercises and much more. Visit the website for some exercises and tips.

These little bolsters are self-inflating and can be purcahsed online for $79 plus postage.

The bodybolster for work…

Sitting in a static position for prolonged periods is unnatural for the human body.

The bodybolster allows you to vary your postures while maintaining correct alignment. Conventional foam supports hold the torso in a static position – they are ‘passive’ and weaken the very muscles they support.

The bodybolster offers ‘active’ support. Its springy texture offers movement, strengthening as it supports. This reduces muscle fatigue as muscles act in turn reducing stiffness, relieving shoulder aches, neck strain, back pain and lower spinal nerve pressure.

Used consistently, the bodybolster influences muscle memory and helps to improve postural habits. The bodybolster is a therapeutic device and is listed on the Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584 – Medical Device Class 1

  • Instantly reduces muscle tension and aches

  • Promotes good posture alignment

  • Reduces neck strain, back pain andshoulder aches

  • Relieves pressure on lower back

  • Promotes postural and ergonomic awareness

  • Promotes safe in-chair stretching

  • Unique self-inflating feature- no pump

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