The NRL is making history this Season with the last 4 remaining teams all being from Sydney

The NRL is making history this season with the last 4 remaining teams all being from Sydney! This makes for some exciting competition between Rabbitohs v Sydney Roosters on Friday and then Panthers v Bulldogs on Saturday with both games predicting big crowds.

Now this got us thinking at Sydney Chic, because we are situated in Surry Hills and very close to Darlinghurst and are now totally confused because we don't know if we should be Rabbitoh's or Roosters supporters!

We do have a confession, our Editor, Deb, has been a Manly supporter for years and now she lives in Surry Hills so we are putting the question out there; where is the boundary line that separates a Rabbitohs supporter v’s a Rooster’s Supporter? Surry Hills is between Bondi i.e. Roosters territory and Redfern i.e. Rabbitohs territory. Should we deck out the office in Red and Green for the Wabbits or Red, White and Blue for the Chooks?

Speaking of Grand Finals, Sydney Swans are in the Grand Final in Melbourne this Saturday and best wishes to the team too.

We would love your feedback about our dilemma who to support in the NRL. The truth is we love the competition and team work and no matter who wins or loses this year, we wish all the teams the best of luck.

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Good luck to all the teams!


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