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Backyard Chic

Recently I attended a breakfast presentation as a guest of Adbri Masonry to demonstrate how easy it is to transform your backyard by using some of their products. To give us a few tips on landscaping, TV personality, Jason Hodges, who is Adbri Masonry’s Brand Ambassador talked to us about different types of backyard projects that suit the Australian lifestyle.

Jason gave us a rundown on the different types of looks you can create in an urban garden and as he stated; “There is no limit to what you can create in the backyard.” Jason's advice is to “consider yourself the artist and your backyard a blank canvas as it's all about pulling together elements that you love from a variety of sources that make you happy and bringing your own flair.”

Jason gave us three style tips:


Considering more than 80% of Australians living within 50 km kilometres of the coast it's no surprise a coastal backyard remains a favourite. I must say of all the styles this was my favourite. Jason suggests for the coastal look to choose light coloured pavers and pebbles and hardy plants and nautical props; think hammocks, deck chairs and wind chimes.


One of my challenges of living in the inner city is that I am an avid gardener and live in a unit without a balcony.In my instance I have an indoor garden and a small windowsill and I make the most of this space utilising the afternoon sun to grow some herbs and plants. One idea that I love for small gardens is to put in a vertical garden as you can see from my instagram photo below it can be done quite easily. If you are lucky enough to have a small courtyard Jason suggests that you use dark colours for a modern and minimalistic look and to avoid intricate patterns. Use large format pavers to give the impression of space and savvy furnishings and clever storage solutions to form a functional outdoor space.


For those lucky enough to have a spacious backyard then you have plenty to work with. For the rural look try adding grass and defining zones by using fencing, plants, pavers and gravel. A zoned garden will give each area its own purpose. For a more formal look you could try hedging. By adding split levels and terraced retaining walls you will enhance how the garden is perceived adding to the grandeur and scale of your space.

Photo above courtesy of all other photos taken at the event by me.

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