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Bohemian Spirit - Gifts and Clothing For The Boho Lover

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Tea Gardens' iconic Vitamin Bead boutique (now known as Bohemian Spirit) offers locals and tourists a distinctive shopping experience. The shop feels new and alive now that Maxine and Warren Reid, the new owners, have recently renovated it. The gorgeous hardwood worktops and repurposed wood walls serve as the room's main focus elements.

You'll note that Australian Native Flora's diffusers, which have unique smells, give the shop a soft fragrance. These stunning glass pieces, which are finished with Quandong Seeds and Native Aromas, will smell your room continuously for up to six months. But if you can't visit the shop hop online for a unique bohemian shopping experience.

Because Maxine cares deeply about the environment, she works hard to recycle as much packaging as she can inside the business. Consequently, you won't leave with a single-use plastic bag. The shop sells organic skincare products in addition to a variety of green products.

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Bohemian Spirit (Vitamin Bead) offers a selection of feminine dresses and shirts with a bohemian flair. Flowing skirts, tops made of linen, shorts, jackets, jeans, and beachwear are also available. Pair your new look with a pair of relaxed yet fashionable sandals. Favourite brands include Dream Catcher and Rubyyaya.

Browse the treasure trove of one-of-a-kind jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Only a handful of the scents offered by candles include River Mint, Australian Bush, Spiced Bush Apple, Wattleseed & Coffee, Lemon Myrtle, Wild Rosella, Fingerlime & Lemongrass, Strawberry Flora & Vanilla.

Enjoy the cosy warmth, serene ambience, and aroma created by these candles in whatever room of the house where you decide to use them.

vitamin bead tea gardens

Australian Bush Food

Pick from a variety of delectable and nutritious Australian natural foods, like lemon myrtle powder. It's a good idea to use Lemon Myrtle Powder in both sweet and savoury dishes. To your sorbet, mix in ice cream, mayonnaise, hot and sweet sauces, and salad dressings. Put some in your damper or bake some cookies. Use in place of lemongrass in Asian cooking. Because of its adaptability and distinctive Australian aroma, lemon myrtle can be used in all dishes.

boho clothing tea gardens

Skin Care

MooGoo has grown to include more than 40 products that are sold all over the world and may treat a variety of skin and scalp ailments. Products for babies, itchy scalps, sensitive skin, and natural sun care are all readily available. MooGoo's ingredient philosophy has always been to create products with potent chemicals that we feel good using on ourselves and our loved ones.

Gifts and Homewares

Peruse a variety of lovely home accents, including wall art, ornaments, and baskets.

Lemon Myrte

The Lemon Myrtle line of soap and skincare products has long been a favourite of Vitamin Bead. You can avoid mosquito and sandfly bites by using the safer and less poisonous Lemon Myrtle insect repellent.

Vitamin Bead is dog-friendly. Savvy, a charming and lovable staffy, may even be someone you get to meet.

A large selection of apparel, jewellery, presents, home goods, and accessories are available at Bohemian Spirit (Vitamin Bead), which is located at 13 Maxwell Street in Tea Gardens. Come in and check out the unusual selection.


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