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Sydney Chic Style: What's beneath?

Sheath Beneath is a Sydney label of chic, soft and gorgeous coloured camisoles and slips that can be worn in a number of ways.

I was sent a black slip to look at and try and I must say I have found this garment to be very versatile. It’s the perfect item to wear under a sheer or lace garment. Recently I worn mine with a long white shirt that is sheer from the waist down, with a pair of bootleg pants. It solved my problem of the shirt being too sheer from the waist and not covering my body the way I preferred when wearing tight trousers like this. Pictured from Instagram.

Sheath Beneath was founded and designed by Madeline Somers who was tired of the lack of choice of good quality camisoles to wear under her favourite pieces.

The launch range of camisoles and slips are made from soft, fine fabric and feature three seasonal colours, along with the wardrobe staples of black and nude. Designed not only with interchangeability in mind, the pieces also add a pop of colour to a simple outfit and are perfect for lounging around the house and that’s exactly another way I have been using my slip on these hot Sydney days and nights.

The possibilities of wearing a Sheath Beneath camisole or slip are endless and can be worn with your favourite fashion pieces at work, evening or casual. Needless to say, excellent items for travelling.

The pieces are adaptable to many looks and are a great accompaniment to complete any outfit for day or night. Sheath Beneath is available online at the Sheath Beneath store for $54.95 for Camisoles and $64.95 for Slips.

About Sheath BeneathSheath Beneath is a range of Camisoles and Slips in seasonal colours that drape beautifully over the body and are designed to be an under fashion favourite in the wardrobe. The Sydney label aims to inspire women to create new looks by providing the perfect backdrop for their hard-to-wear pieces like lace and sheer. Soft fabric, perfect fit and seasonal colours are at the heart of the brand.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this item.

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