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Pandora Radio

Jimi M Anderson

Photo by: Linnea Siitari

Everyone who follows my blog knows that I love instagram.

It was on Instagram that I met Jimi M Anderson a Swedish singer with a fantastic voice.

I'm following Jimi's career and today he wrote to me and said: #SteppingStonesAlbum was just added to Pandora Radio. I had a look at it and said..that's fantastic and confessed I had never heard of Pandora so wrote back to Jimi and asked him to explain is what he wrote back...


Pandora is one of the biggest online radio stations, their concept is to let the listener choose an artist, song or genre and then they play you songs and artists based on what you type in. It’s a really great idea and I myself listened a lot to it when I was living in Los Angeles.

Other news is, the song “You’re Circles In My Mind” off the #SteppingStonesAlbum has been chosen by a jury to participate in a song contest hosted by Swedish Radio. Right now, the listeners are asked to vote for the track that they think should have a spot on Swedish Radio’s Top Ten List, so that’s pretty exciting!

All the best!

Thank you your music and love of life!


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