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Gourmet Life: The Journey of Taste in Darling Point

For lovers of all things gourmet, there is a retailer in Darling Point that supplies World Class gourmet delights and is an experience all foodies should try. I was chatting with the director, Josh Rea who combines his years of experience in sales and marketing with a love of fine food instilled in him from childhood.

As I was enjoying my soy latte chatting with Josh, he continued to stock his shelves with food that I have never even thought existed! This is no run-of-the-mill foodie retailer, it is a haven of imported treats that are all hand-picked by Josh. I loved Josh’s energy and the passion he has for everything ‘foodie’.

Josh told me that he grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, and is the youngest of three boys in a family of four. His mother spent much of her early life in Europe and was educated at a Swiss finishing school, returning to Australia with a deep appreciation of European cuisine, which inspired the same love of food on Josh.

Food was part of the family; Josh’s father worked as fishmonger and a baker so Josh grew up to love fishing including diving for Crayfish and Abalone. The family was also quite self-sufficient with a large vegetable garden, which also influenced Josh’s love of the gourmet food trade.

Josh has broad experience in the fine food market, having worked closely with leading Australian importers and wholesalers, and with numerous delicatessens, butchers, fishermen and fishmongers, farmers, renowned chefs and five star restaurants, and with people who are simply fine food fanatics.

Gourmet Life sources unique fresh produce from around the globe. Gourmet Life particularly specialises in Caviar, Truffles and Fresh European Mushrooms. Their fresh produce is of superior quality. Gourmet Life supplies to renowned Chef’s, five star restaurants and to private clients who are simply fine food fanatics. Josh is passionate about delivering the finest fresh produce from Australia and around the world for all to love and appreciate.

From caviar & truffles to olive oils & balsamic vinegars, from chocolates & coffee beans to exotic salts & spices, Gourmet Life stock a wide range of the finest products from all over the world.

Trust me it’s worth a visit. The store is close to Rushcutters Bay, so why not grab some treats and have a picnic in this beautiful part of Sydney.

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52-60 New South Head Rd, Darling Point NSW 2027 (02) 9363 0775

  • Truffles and Caviar at wholesale prices direct to the public

  • Deliver Interstate with ease – Easy State Airport to Airport Collection

  • Door to door deliver Sydney wide

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