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My Food Bag Makes Cooking at Home Easy

Photo: Deb Carr

I have been trialing My Food Bag; a is a food delivery service in Sydney and Melbourne. With their straight-to-the-door delivery of nutritional recipes and fresh, local ingredients, My Food Bag is bringing gourmet back to home cooking for busy Aussie households.

I’m a busy person, and I admit I am out most nights of the week at some event or review, however on the times I am home, it’s so nice to cook something fresh for myself. Since My Food Bag is a service designed for busy people who enjoy cooking but lack the time to plan and source the best seasonal ingredients in advance, it is the perfect solution for me.

Nadia Lim, Head Chef and Co-Founder of My Food Bag, is a firm believer in what she calls Nude Food, a philosophy which values food from the ground, sea and sky – and less from the factories. As both a chef and qualified dietitian Nadia’s recipes are focused on tasting delicious, yet remaining healthy, packed full of the best locally grown, free-range seasonal Australian produce.

There are four different food bags to choose from, designed to delight pretty much everyone, and I chose the “My Own Bag”. The four bags are:

  • My Family Food Bag: Quick, healthy and yummy recipes to please the fussiest of eaters (suited for families with 2 – 3 children under 10 years old)

  • My Classic Food Bag: Ideal for busy families with older kids who want healthy and delicious recipes

  • My Gourmet Food Bag: Perfect for couples who love fresh food and enjoy exotic flavours

  • My Own Bag: Designed specifically for time-poor singles tired of uninspired nights in the kitchen

The bag arrived on Sunday morning and the perishable ingredients were nicely refrigerated with an ice pack and the vegetables etc were packed in a brown paper bag. That brought me back to my childhood when nobody ever used a plastic bag. In fact my mum would order the groceries from the store and they would be delivered in brown paper bags. I have such fond memories of the groceries being delivered and us kids exploring what mum had ordered.

Photo of the ingredients for Tandori Chicken by Deb Carr

I also received a folder to store my recipe sheets in that were provided. This plastic folder is full of tips as well as other advice and will become an extremely useful recipe book.

Every week, Nadia Lim leads My Food Bag chefs and nutritionists to dream up inspiring, easy-to-cook recipes in their test kitchen. They will let you know what’s on the menu a few days before your bag arrives.

Photo: Deb Carr

The My Food Bag team gets up early to hit the markets and find the freshest ingredients. The only ingredients used are locally sourced, seasonal produce and are free-range and sustainable farmed products.

My Food Bag arrives fresh at your door on Sundays within a 2 hour delivery window.

My Verdict is the ingredients and recipes are healthy, fresh and it so convenient having everything delivered with the right portions. It’s slightly more expensive than I would probably spend on a home-cooked meal for myself but I figure it’s worth paying a little extra for the convenience of having everything delivered and not having to think about ‘what will I have for dinner’. Also includes spices and anything else that is needed for each dish except the kitchen stables like Olive Oil. Would I use again….YES!

For more info on the brand and what My Food Bag is all about, check out

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this bag to trial (read more on the link)

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