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A Photography Project to Celebrate the Beauty of the Human Body

Renate is a photographer based on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches and is recruiting dancers for a photography project to celebrate the beauty of the human body and accomplishments that can be made by the mind and the body in conjunction with each other. This photographic journey will combine true athleticism, endurance, artistry and flair of dancers in beautiful Sydney at iconic locations and surrounds. The project is just at beginning stages and Renate is in the process of recruiting amazingly talented dancers.

If you would like to be part of the start of this fabulous project, please email or contact Renate through her website contact page. Dancers 16 years or older are welcome to apply. Renate is looking for talented dancers of all dance genres, male or female, who will be happy having photos taken in urban environments with their dance attire in front of crowds.

The contemporary images below were shot in Manly and are a mere snapshot of what is about to happen over the next few months. If you love dance and art in motion, spread the word!

Follow Renate on Instagram or visit her website

Sydney Chic will report on the finished project once completed.

Good luck!


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