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Old Skool Drag is Back!

You may think that drag started with the world famous Les Girls in Kings Cross…but did you know it’s actually been a part of history dating way back to the 13th century. Drag has always played a part of the Sydney night club scene and has been appreciated by a wide range of audiences. Unfortunately due to the dwindling number of venues that once staged these magnificent shows, we have lost the opportunity to be entertained by these productions.

Well fear not because Dot Com Productions is getting ready to bring back the glitz, and the glamour of a full Vegas show with incredible costuming, dynamic choreography and a touch of camp…The talented cast with keep you captivated as they twist the illusion of gender.

The beautiful and sultry Suzy St James is not only the owner and producer of Dotcom but a talented performer in her own right. She will have you spellbound with her beauty and grace as she brings back classic Hollywood glamour to life with Marilyn Munroe and Jessica Rabbit.

The charismatic Christopher Debonnafin is also bringing his own style of performance to the stage. Like Suzie, Christopher has a career seeing him work with stars like Carlotta from Les Girls. This gentleman certainly knows how to cast his magic and have you totally intrigued.

Another star who worked with the world famous “Les Girls” is making a triumphant return….The “Queen of Comedy” Lyndelle is back. Her wicked sense of humour adds an extra dimension to the mix. A word of warning though…..”Dell” loves to peak in your handbag!

Now not only is this old school style of production back….these legends of the stage will be introducing us to some new young up and coming talent. They will be guiding and nurturing Victoria Anthony and Della as they start their journey to become stars in their own right.

For a teaser of what is to come …Dot Com Productions for one night only will perform at Stonewall Hotel Oxford Street on Thursday 3rd March 2016 as a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival..

For more details check out their Facebook page …

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