Dogs can become homeless too: Saving Fantasia is changing that

Rescue Animals

The Saving Fantasia eCommunity, 'SAFe' is an online community, dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of Companion Animals in pounds and they believe that dogs in pounds should not be destroyed simply because they have become homeless. My parents have had two beautiful rescue dogs, and they gave a lot of comfort to my mother when she was very ill before she sadly passed away last year.

Here is a picture of one of them, Toby on his chair, and even though he wasn't my dog I was in love with him, he was such a cutie. Unfortunately he ended up being bitten by a snake on their country property and we lost him, but at least we know he had a good life once he was rescued.

Saving Fantasia believe pounds should be places of safety, refuge, rescue and rehoming. Abandoned dogs in pounds is complex situation, with many and divergent issues needing to be addressed. Saving Fantasia hope to address these issues, or form partnerships with organisations who are already addressing some of these issues.

The inspiration for the group was inspired by Fantasia, a beautiful young dog they being put down in a kill pound, and by Mama Mia, Fantasia's foster sister extraordinaire, who was also on death row. #savingfantasia #keepthemSAFe #changetheworld #bethechange #adoptdontshop #rescuerocks

So for all animal lovers who want to make a difference check out the website

The Saving Fantasia eCommunity was founded by Shannon Maguire and is coordinated by Shannon and team SAFe.