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Get Funky Socks Delivered Every Month And Help Someone In Need Get a Pair Too

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We get sent a lot of products to review at Sydney Chic and most of them come unannounced despite that we have made it very clear that just because a PR company or brand sends us a product, does not guarantee social media coverage, and especially coverage on Sydney Chic. So when a pair of striped socks arrived from Social Sock Club I rolled my eyes thinking to myself 'Seriously! They want me to do a post over one pair of socks?" Then I opened the packet and looked at the handwritten note and realised this company had something special going on.

For every pair of socks purchased on a monthly plan they donate a pair to someone in need i.e. a homeless shelter or someone on the street. That got my attention!

I hopped on the website and discovered this is actually a subscription service; you nominate how many months (or month to month) you want to receive socks then each month a pair of socks magically appears in your mailbox. Or, and this is pretty cool, you can subscribe someone else and gift the socks to them.

Now you don't get to choose what type of socks arrive you just be grateful for what you get! And the reason I say that is because that's part of the company's philosophy of why they donate a pair to someone in need, and I quote from the website: 'Gratitude is an important part of leading a fulfilled life, but when was the last time you felt grateful for your socks? One of the most sought after items for the homeless, somewhat surprisingly, is socks.'

The socks are made from 70% Cotton 25% Polyester and 5% Elastane and designed in Australia. Hop on the website for my details and designs.

The socks above were the pair sent to me. This is my Instagram post and the caption I wrote:

When @socialsockclub sent me these socks to help spread the word I decided to put them on the wall with the rainbows that reflect off a crystal. Why? 🤔 because rainbows are happy and for every pair of socks purchased a pair gets donated to someone in need and that makes someone happy 😀 #socks #rainbows#philanthropy #giveback #community

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