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“Sydney A Love Affair” photographic exhibition by award winning Australian photographer Matt Irwin

Matt Irwin Photography

“Sydney A Love Affair” the photographic exhibition by award winning Australian photographer Matt Irwin is open to the public from today until January 5th at the Intercontinental Hotel, 117 Macquarie St Circular Quay. The exhibition is free to attend.

All the spectacular exhibition photographs of Sydney are also featured in Matthew Irwin’s new photographic book “Sydney A Love Affair” which is released to coincide with the exhibition. the book features spectacular Sydney icons such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the legendary icebergs swimming pool at Bondi. As well as these landmark places the book also features the elegant Queen Victoria Building.

Matt Irwin Photography

Matt Irwin says “I love Sydney. I came here as a child and remember going up CenterPoint Tower and seeing the harbour and its incredible shoreline as well as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The grandeur of the harbour is breathtaking, it’s the greatest harbour city in the world and it’s got not one, but two global icons! Amazing!”

Matt Irwin has that right! We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful harbour city and I am looking forward to seeing how Matt has captured it through his lens.

Matt Irwin Photography

This beautiful hardcover book of 172 pages of stunning photographs depicts the Sydney of postcards yet also catches the Harbour City unawares, revealing a new Sydney to Sydney-siders and visitors alike. Sydney A Love Affair is the art book for lovers of Sydney and lovers of masterful streetscape photography in black and white and colour photographs. Sydney, A Love Affair is published by Wilkinson Publishing and retails at $89.99. For online orders visit

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