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With Winter Coming Soon Now is a Good Time To Learn a New Skill With Classbento


Now that winter is heading our way this is a great time to learn some new skills such as Japanese flower arranging, build a terrarium, latte art, make your own chocolate, making cocktails and even learn philosophy!

With Classbento you can learn the intriguing history of Ikebana, which in Japan is one of the three classical arts of refinement. The class reveals secrets on how best to combine elements, patterns and textures to create a cohesive masterpiece, as well as the logistical foundations of how to fasten and secure the flowers and their stems, and much, much more. You'll discover the elegance of simplicity, how less can be more. You will also take your unique floral arrangement home with you.

Maybe you fancy yourself as a Latte artist? Learn the skills and then experiment with art designs. Learn how to roast, grind and brew quality espresso with fellow coffee lovers. Discover how to make and judge a good latte art, use a wide variety of milk pitchers, and perfect a combination of etching and pouring technique. This class is great for both beginners and those who want to further develop their techniques.

Terrariums have made a huge comeback and are a beautiful addition to the home decor. There are a number of classes on offer to make your own terrarium. Who knows, you might even develop a little side business for yourself?

For those who entertain there are mocktail and cocktail master classes.

Fancy being a chocolatier? Then join a Classbento chocolate making class and you will be able to make your own delicious chocolates for yourself and as gifts for friends.

This is just a tiny idea of what is on offer for more information jump on to Classbento's website and have a look at the new skills you can aquire.

You May also want to teach your own classes, for more information on becoming a Classbento teacher go to: Become a teacher


Classbento is here to help promote the arts in our communities, by making arts classes more accessible, appealing and affordable - similar to what Sculpture for the Sea has accomplished for their niche. Classbento want to support local artists and small businesses, and to promote good mental health (which fun in-person classes can help to achieve).

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