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Calling all Carols to sing Christmas Carols

This summer, you’re invited to get into the Christmas spirit by singing your heart out to a crowd at Sydney’s iconic Queen Victoria Building. But only if your name is Carol! Being a "Carr" I wonder if I'm eligible to perform?

That’s right, the QVB is calling all Carols (Carolines, Caroles, Caroliens, Carrolyns, Carolyns and Caros welcome too!), to join The Christmas Carols.

As a group, The Christmas Carols will be led through rehearsals with esteemed conductor Bek Jensen, before showcasing their classic Christmas carol during a one-off performance. Held under the QVB’s iconic central dome on the 16th of December, at 8:45 am.

The Christmas Carols will be the first Carols-only carolling group of its kind, honoured to sing in this stunning setting in the heritage-listed QVB. The 121-year-old building has a long history of carolling, and we couldn’t think of a better place to create an official Carols group, at the most special time of the year. 

Prior to the performance, the Carols will be taken through a dynamic 2 hour-long rehearsal, led by an esteemed Sydney conductor, Bek Jensen. To help fuel this name-sharing group, the QVB will also be hosting a Christmas breakfast at Cellinis on Level 2.

Location: Queen Victoria Building, Level 1 under the central dome

Date: Monday 16 December 

Times: 7 - 10am

RSVP: By filling out the form on the QVB website here.


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