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15 of the Best Must-See Attractions in Sydney

15 of the best must-see attractions in sydney

While visiting Sydney, there are certain attractions you just do not want to miss. Many are unique in that you cannot see them anywhere else in the world. The beaches in Sydney are definitely on the list of attractions not to miss such as Bondi Beach, Balmoral Beach, and Bilgola Beach.

Sydney is great for all kinds of outdoor activities with with the average summer temperature at around 25℃. The city boasts over 400 parks such as the popular Hyde Park, Barangaroo Reserve, and the huge Royal National Park. Out and about in town? Leave your shopping bags and backpacks with one of the Sydney luggage storage establishments before exploring these sights.

As well as overseas visitors and Australian tourists, Sydney is the perfect city for school excursions.

bondi beach sydney things to do

Photo credit Simon Rae

Bondi Beach

Bondi is the most popular beach with the locals as well as the tourists, so that makes it a must-see attraction already. But it is also perfect for surfing and snorkeling. You do have to watch out for the riptides though, or you may want to swim in the Bondi Baths instead. They also have great restaurants there.

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral is the perfect beach for families with kids with their calm waters and shark net keeping the swimming safe. The turquoise waters are beautiful, and you can rent some equipment for scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, or paddleboarding. Make sure you grab your sunblock out of your bags.

Bilgola Beach

Another great beach for families is Bilgola Beach, which is one of the least crowded in Sydney. You can surf here but swimming is discouraged so they have a 50-meter saltwater rock pool for that. Between the headlands, you can also get a view of the coast where you may see whales or dolphins.

Parramatta Park Sydney

Photo Credit: Mark Rogers

Hyde Park

The 40-acre Hyde Park may not be the largest but it is one of the most popular and is the oldest park in Australia. In fact, there are monuments all over the park like the Archibald Fountain and Reformer’s Tree. The gardens are also popular, and the reflection pool is a fantastic place for photos and selfies.

Barangaroo Reserve

After visiting the oldest park, head to Barangaroo, which is the newest. This special spot is home to over 75,000 trees and shrubs as well as a variety of wildlife. The sandstone coastline is manmade but gorgeous and you can take a hike, rent a bike, or just have a picnic by the water. The Bush Walk is also a must-see.

Royal National Park

Since you visited the oldest and newest parks, now you should visit the largest. Royal National Park is over 37,000 acres and is well-known for its location in the Dharawal lands. Within the park, you can see dozens of stunning waterfalls, amazing lookout points, and beaches with natural swimming pools.

Museum of Contemporary art sydney

Image credit: Photologic

The Rocks Discovery Museum

The Rocks Discovery Museum is one of the most interesting with interactive exhibits, audio tours, and a large number of Aboriginal items. These items cover the Warrane period from before 1788, the Colony period from 1788 to 1820, the Port period from 1820 to 1900, and the Transformations period of the present.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Art lovers of all ages adore the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and it attracts over 1.2 million visitors a year. The permanent collection includes more than 4,500 pieces, including the 1994 Portraits from Andy Warhol, 1999 Retrospective from Cindy Sherman, and 2013 War is Over by Yoko Ono.

The Powerhouse Museum

For both science and art, the Powerhouse Museum is where to go. The collection is diverse with a variety of exhibits like steam engines, space, furniture, and costume. Some of the most popular include the Whitbread Engine from 1785, the first steam locomotive from 1854, and the Catalina Flying Boat.

koala at taronga zoo

BridgeClimb Sydney

If you are not afraid of heights, climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. One of the few bridges in the world that you are allowed to climb, BridgeClimb Sydney offers several bridge climbing adventures. The Ultimate is 3.5-hours with 1,621 steps, the Summit is 3 hours of 1,332 steps, and the Summit Express is 2.5 hours with 1,002 steps.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

With more than 5,000 animals of over 350 species, the 69-acre Taronga Zoo is a great place to spend the day. You may have been to the zoo before, but the Taronga Zoo is different because it has such a variety of native fauna. Emus, echidnas, two kinds of kangaroos, and four types of wallabies are all in the Australian walkabout.

Sealife Sydney

For even more thrills, why not dive with the sharks. At Sealife Sydney you can get up close and personal with a variety of sharks. No cages, just you and the instructors and the sharks. And maybe some stingrays too. They will teach you the ropes, get you fitted in a dive suit, and you are ready to dive. Or you may wish to get up close and personal with the penguins at Sealife Sydney.

sydney opera house
Special Spots

Sydney Opera House

You will recognize the Sydney Opera House as soon as you see it because it is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. The sail-shaped shells of the building make it architecturally unique and the performing arts inside are also spectacular. Enjoy a guided tour or take in a show.

Sydney Tower

At 1,014 feet, the Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the city so you can get an amazing view from the top or even one of the lower floors. If you are not scared of heights, try the Skywalk, which is Sydney’s highest outdoor adventure. You can also go shopping or dine in style with a spectacular view.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanical Garden is 74 acres of outstanding flora from flowers to trees and even some excellent sculptures. Right on Sydney Harbour, you can see the bridge and the opera house from the garden. You’ll even see water dragons, fruit bats, and a variety of birds in the garden, so bring a camera.


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