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A Weekend on the Tree Top of Sydney

Things to do in Sydney | Climb trees

post by Anna Kochetkova

A beautiful Sydney is full of surprises. Arriving to Sydney and only stopping by Opera House, Ivy Pool and Hyde Park Barracks alongside with the Taranga Zoo, Aquarium, Kings Cross and Parliament means not fully trying the city out. Sydney has a lot more to offer.

One of the most gorgeous mornings in the world are not only on the coast but in the bush. Australia is a well-known country for its wide and endless land. Bush trackers were always highly regarded native people in Australia (of course before GPS took over). Bush walking is one of the attractions which is a must for adventure seekers, holiday makers, explorers and get away cravers. Australia is not for the weak but for the tough - everyone heard of Australia’s wildlife, learning that almost everything on the ground and in the water is trying to kill you. It is not true if you are in the air!

Treetop Adventure is a unique collaboration of flying foxes, tree to tree on suspension bridges, lianas, spider web like robes 20 meters above the ground in the forest. Climbing up the trees, getting over obstacles and flying over the treetops might appear as a childish play. However don’t judge the book by its cover!

In addition to an opportunity to step into monkeys shoes (not that they wear any) Treetop Adventure offers a whole body workout. Although the treetop climb starts fairly low and easy it gets challenging with each step.

Firstly, if you are ready (or even if you are not) to battle your fear of heights, this is the time to do it. The 20 meters height doesn’t get any lower as you progress throughout the course. A completion of an obstacle can often mean another climb up a tree or a high speed flying fox adventure. Well, adrenalin is known as an injection for the worst in the world allergies so an hour on the top of the bush and you are immunized for life.

Secondly, getting around trees jumping from one to another is a reasonably draining experience forcing almost all muscle’s groups to work. Your legs will be especially grateful for such a workout. Tree to tree on suspension bridges are not always bridges – they are often robes, only half bridges or in some instances just lianas. A vertically hanging logs of wood are incredibly wobbly and don’t only require a good balance management but strong inner thighs which you will need to use to get from one log to another without falling. While some obstacles are relatively easier than others, you are still working out without noticing it. Harness is there at all times which though doesn’t make anyone feel any safer – our arms and back are focused on holding our bodies up straight. If your entire upper body isn’t sore next day you haven’t had fun! Treetop Adventure is an ultimate upper body workout. This is a real life environment when holding your body is crucial for your survival (if not the safety harness).

If you are looking for a classier morning outing, there is no reason why not to try something new out. Lauren and Ben Youngkin got married riding down zipline into their Asheville wedding ceremony in the USA. Travelling with kids, on your own or with a bunch of good mates, strapping yourself to a tree can in fact end up as a perfect Australian experience. No need to get married on branches; however why not to have a birthday party challenging friends.

Those who tried it before and attempting to yawn now, should go back to the tops but at night. Treetop Adventure runs night sessions as well just to share enough of adrenaline with everyone. Working out your buttock, arms, legs, back, shoulders and abs is incredibly more fun at night. Since there are three places around in Sydney where you can climb tree in the bush safely it is also worth staying in the area.

Going up north to Central Coast or Newcastle can become a better driving experience if you stop by to indulge in some bush walking and tree climbing. Staying in Sydney and play monkeys there is also an option especially if you are planning to go back to Ivy Pool later on that night.


Anna Kochetkova is a freelance writer and a research enthusiast interested in a wide range of topics including several areas of psychology and psychotherapy. Anna also writes about fitness and sports science and lifestyle keeping up to date with business, marketing and international studies’ topics. Anna is a Russian author living in Australia whose cultural difference inspires her to investigate different cultures, traditions and beliefs travelling throughout the diversity of our world. Feel free to say hi to Anna on Facebook or visit her personal blog. Speak up and share your story or opinion.

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