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Sydney Label Reivents Sustainable Fashion

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We are proud today to announce the launch of new Sydney menswear label ‘Fare Well Conscious Clothing & Supply Co’. The label provides a breath of fresh air to the Australian fashion industry by offering men quality, masculine, accessible fashion that is 100% ethically made and invested.

Frustrated at the lack of options for ethical menswear, Fare Well Co. is building a brand with substance and style.

Made from 100% organic cotton, Fare-Well Co& #8217;s entire supply chain has been researched and chosen for their responsible approach to manufacturing. Each piece is locally designed and manufactured under ethical labour wages, packaged using 100% recyclable materials, printed with biodegradable inks and further more, 28 year old entrepreneur Cam Young donates 100% of the profits directly to two causes close to his heart : Room to Read and Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

“If we can’t do it right by everyone and everything involved - from the cotton farmers to the manufacturers, the printers, the customers and the environment - we won’t do it at all. I wanted to start a business that is run ethically and demonstrate that it can be a profitable way to work,” comments Cam Young.

“We are incredibly grateful for the vital support that Fare-Well Co. will provide the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. We fund a range of projects designed to deliver the vision to keep the T asmanian Devil alive in the wild and attempts to find a cure to DFTD that has cruelly decimated their population,” comments Rebecca Cuthill, Manager, Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Through the reinvention of ethical fashion as stylish, desirable and accessible (check out his prices here:, as well as a viable business option, Cam Young is hoping to be a lighthouse of fashion innovation and an inspiration to those that don’t feel they can make a difference.

Fare-Well Co. is the new kid on the block, with his goals set high – to inspire ethical action and change through the coolest menswear around. As each tag states “Don’t let the bastards get you down”.

For more information visit

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