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Aris-tait launch

Things to do in Sydney | Attend a Fashion Launch

posted by Anna Kochetkova

Summer is days away; and everyone is getting dressed up in their finest outfits filling Sydney bars, restaurants and clubs up, showing off new dresses and suits. Summer is a beautiful time for new beginnings and fun outings. After a long day in the office or by the beach, all the Sydneysiders and City guests are gathering for a relaxing drink or a delicious meal in funky Newtown, iconic Bondi and insomniac CBD. Sydney night life is a parade of colors and styles.

Every fun night out often starts somewhere quieter and cozier. Sydney has an endless number of options for everyone no matter what kind of fun you prefer. Whether attending a fashion high tea event, a brand new Lion King musical, Bon Jovi’s concert or a friend’s house party, Sydney cannot leave anyone disappointed.

This is why there is no surprise that famously wealthy Double Bay suburb is hosting a new vision fashion designer’s birth – Aris-tait launch. The gorgeous designer Julia McPhee will be showing her brand new Australia-made collection of dresses on Friday, the 6th of December at 7 Bay Street, Double Bay, Sydney, at 5:30pm. Please come along, have a glass of champagne try the dresses on and simply have fun.

Anna Kochetkova is a writer & digital marketer interested in a wide range of topics including fashion, business, and society including constantly changing marketing trends. Anna also writes about fitness and sports science, keeping up to date with international matters. Anna is a Russian decadency living in Australia whose cultural difference inspires her to investigate more into different cultures, traditions, believes and behavioral types. Feel free to say hi to Anna on Facebook or visit her personal blog. Speak up and share your story & opinion. In difference is our greatness as a kind

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