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Grill'd Restaurant Review

By Deb Carr

I was introduced to Grill'd by my daughter Grace, who is a good nutrition and exercise advocate early last year and I've been going back ever since! I visit the Darlinghurst restaurant and the thing that strikes me first is the friendliness of the staff, they all seem to be enjoying their jobs. The service is excellent and the food fresh and delicious. The restaurant is funky and a very pleasant atmosphere.

The burgers come with a choice of gluten free bread for those who have dietary restrictions and I must say I've tried both and the gluten free is great. These burgers are actually good for you and you won't walk away thinking to yourself "I wish I hand't eaten that".

Today I had my favourite (pictured) The Zen Hen - chicken burger, fresh salad and a satay sauce and along with the Grill'd famous fries with Rosemary. Delicious.

As well as providing great food I am very impressed with the "Local Matters" program - "supporting the local community that supports us". How it works is when you make your purchase you are given a token to place into one of three jars. Each jar represents a community cause. Each month the jar with the most tokens receives $300 and the other two receive $100 each. What a great way to help others.

Visit Grill'd

Here's the Grill'd Mission

We want our burgers to taste good and do you good. We challenge the idea of burgers being low in nutritional value and high in fat. That’s why we make burgers the old-fashioned way, not the mass-produced, fast-food way. Ours are proper meals, not rubbery snacks that dissolve in seconds.

We do this by using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, many of which are sourced locally from small, family producers. Every day, before we open the doors, we turn up the music and spend several hours preparing our ingredients (cutting buns, slicing tomatoes, mashing avocados…) that have been delivered fresh from the market.

We make every burger fresh to order on the flame grill in front of you so there’s no hidden secrets. The grill gives our food its unique flavour and it’s healthier than using a hot-plate.

Going back a few years (before the burger became mass-produced & processed), the burger was a wholesome, nourishing meal. The burger was a perfect combination of basic foods – bread, meat and vegetables providing a good dose of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals. They didn’t leave you feeling heavy, bloated or guilty afterwards.

That’s what we mean by ‘healthy burgers’ today. We think a burger should contribute positively to your health and wellbeing by not only being good for you, but being made with wholesome natural ingredients sourced locally and prepared freshly for you once you place your order (and not before).

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