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Basil and Lime Chocolate

Review by Deb Carr

Chocolate....I can never say no to it! I had the hard task of calling into Josophan's city store over the week-end for a chocolate taste. I never imagined I would eat a chocolate made out of Basil and Lime and I'm very grateful I tried it. That was just one of many flavours and I also tried the mint...made with real mint and nothing like the mass-manufactured mint chocolate you may be accustomed to. The store is magical and a must call in and see if you haven't already discovered the delights that wait inside

Josophan’s creates extraordinary fine chocolates, using Fair Trade certified chocolates and fresh flavour infusions. No preservatives, no artificial flavours, simply fresh, naturally flavoured, extraordinarily beautiful chocolates. Josophan’s fine chocolates are handcrafted onsite in Leura, in the centralised facility which incorporates the boutique, a workshop/tasting room and production laboratory, at 132 Leura Mall. Josophan's new Sydney CBD retail store, on the corner of King and York Streets.

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