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Escape from Sydney | 2014 KANGAROO ISLAND FEASTIVAL


Dine as one of Mother Nature’s very own invited guests on idyllic Kangaroo Island and enjoy a selection of local gourmet delights staged around the island’s natural pristine wilderness. No better a location to savour such fresh produce and globally acclaimed wines & beverages than what is offered by Kangaroo Island....

Unlike most other food and wine festivals, the signature style of FEASTival is to provide a degustation of extraordinary dining events that are diverse, personable and intimate underpinned by the exquisite outdoor natural beauty that only this peaceful island can offer.

Following a successful launch in 2012, the South Australian Kangaroo Island FEASTival is a 5 day gastronomic celebration incorporating over 30 individual events

hosted by Australia’s leading celebrity and local chefs which will bring the best of Kangaroo Island to your plate.


A unique set of activities which feature Kangaroo Island’s stunning wilderness and outdoor locations as part of this exciting event program. Guests will be invited to plunge into Kangaroo Island’s maritime history and visit the picturesque village of American River and the Kangaroo Island Shelfish Farm. Here guests will be able to wade knee-deep to savour the taste of the farm’s fresh oysters served from fishing boats in the shallows before you venture back on dry land to the processing shed for a lunch menu created by Justin Harman and his renowned cheeses from Island Pure Sheep Dairy.

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