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Celebrity Interview | Sharina Star

We asked Sharina Star who has been in Radio for 23 years on 2UE and Weekly columnist for Take Five Magazine a few questions.

How did you get into radio?

I was asked by Stan Zemanek to come in and do a reading for him...and I never left hahahaha. Stan was a wonderful man and he gave me my break into radio. I was devastated when he passed away.

When did you know you were psychic?

When I was ten I had a near death experience, I saw an angel and after that I just 'knew' things about other people.

What do you love about your job?

I get a lot of satisfication from helping people and hearing the feedback they give me. Sometimes I have to tell people things they don't want to hear but apart from that I love my job and love radio.

What celebrities have you done readings for?

Stan Zemanek, John Kerr from 2UE, Prue McSween, Ita Buttrose, Jeannie Little, David Oldfield, Pauline Hanson, Don Lane, Bert Newton, Doug Parkinson, Ros Reines, Jo Casamento, Christine Anu to name a few.

What's your favourite colour?

Pink! And leopard skin - but tha'ts not a colour hahaha.

What's your fashion style?

Sydney Chic of course with bling!

What can't you live without?

Champagne, Bold and the Beautiful and Chocolates.

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