Thumbs Down to This Cafe

by Deb Carr

I don't enjoy writing bad reports, however, sometimes these things have to be said. I never name venues that are given a 'thumbs down' let's just say this one is in the Surry Hills area, and I'm never going back.

Many times I have walked past this place and thought how inviting it looks, except for the food that is displayed on the benches and window without any covers. I do question if this is in fact breach of Health Regulations? Despite my concerns I thought I'd pop in for morning tea just to try it out, as it looks so trendy.

The waitress told me to take a seat and she would be right over. She certainly was straight over in about 15 minutes, just before I was about to get up and leave! The place wasn't that busy so why so long I'll never know.

I ordered a coffee and an apple strudel because it looked delicious. My waitress asked if I would like to have it warmed up with custard? "Yes that would be nice, thank you" I replied.

Eventually it arrived. The apple was delicious but the pastry seemed to be a bit thick for a strudel. The custard was cold and so was the strudel, maybe they slightly warmed it, either way I was very disappointed so I just ate the apple with the custard. My coffee was also cold and it was delivered to me by a person who, quite frankly, needed a shower.

When I finished I waited to pay and when asked how did I enjoy my food I told her the truth. Oh well $14.00 later and a response of 'thanks for the feedback' was all I got.

As the saying goes "looks can be deceiving".


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