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Carven Le Parfum

Carven Le Parfum is an adventure unlike others in the world of fragrances. Everyone was longing for it, to smell it, to see it...

Simplicity Freshness, captivating charm and couture spirit. It bubbles with the incredible energy of Carven fashion. Carven Le Parfum, a few notes of pure femininity.

As the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian quotes, “I wanted to play with the Carven values in a feminine way: timeless elegance that also seems absolutely effortless. I wanted a fragrance that would resemble a huge bouquet of freshly cut flowers, with personality and lingering sillage”. Francis Kurkdjian is the man behind several fabulous successes, has his own House of fragrances and wore “Vetiver” as a young man... There was no way he was not going to be successful. For him, “the Carven woman has an intuitive sense for what’s chic: she’s sparkling, bold and impertinent. She leaves no one indifferent. She’s beautiful without even thinking about it”.

A great and sensual floral bouquet: 

  • Mandarin blossom 

  • White hyacinth 

  • Sweet pea 

  • Jasmine 

  • Ylang ylang 

  • Sandal wood 

  • Osmanthus 

  • Indonesian patchouli

Available at David Jones

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