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Celebrity Interview | Kate Ceberano

We caught up with the fabulous Kate Ceberano and here is what Kate has to say.

When did you discover your love for singing?

When I was imitating Kate Bush one day entertaining my girlfriends. My friend Lisa looked at me and stated, You can sing! It hadn’t occurred to me before that moment. I was thrilled that there was something I could DO! Up till that point in life I felt I had no particular abilities at all.

What has been your most memorable part of your career?

There are really too many to mention as my career has evolved and been transformed by so many mediums, TV, stage, film. I'm a traveller really taking in the wonders of the industry like you would monuments. Each moment has a wow factor for me!

You have just written a book - can you tell us about that?

It's an intense experience writing a book. Tom Gillings worked with me to help research my life and focus my attention chronologically on events that had happened. I found that part confronting, but the writing about the details within the events was cathartic and reassuring. I was reminded that I was doing the best that I could do at that time based on my experience, my lack of maturity! Looking back in your youth like this, you are in effect, kind of faultless. Every action in my life was simply an effort to survive in the business. A business that’s kind of lawless and wild!

What's your favourite food?

I'm pretty tame these days, organic foods where possible, loads of vegies and fresh produce. Years of eating from airports and cafes on the run have made me go off fast food altogether! I like brain food! Nuts, fruit, anything green!

What's your favourite drink?

I don’t drink alcohol very often. But if I’m going to toast anything, anyone...its got to be champagne and its got to be French and I’m partial to anything Pink!

What do you love about Sydney?

Sydney is fierce! It fights to survive and be the best in everything. Fashion, food, culture! I love the sense of self-importance and brazen confidence that Sydney has. And I’m forever in awe of that great iconic bridge, the Opera house, its beaches. She's a looker that’s for sure!

Thanks Kate and you can grab a copy of Kate's new book "I'm Talking" on March 25th.

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