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We interviewed Josh Sparks..founder and CEO of much more!

Josh's background....

Josh spent the past 12 years in high-growth leadership roles as CEO of Sass & Bide, Managing Director with Urban Outfitters Inc, and.... CEO of Thom Browne New York. As a life-long health and fitness enthusiast, with five years of personal experience with ancestral health protocols, Josh was consistently astounded at the lack of any authentically healthy dining in top retail centres around the world. Recognising the transformational potential for a health and wellness brand founded on evidence-based dietary principles, and excited by the opportunity to genuinely enhance how customers look, feel, and perform, Josh brought together his many years of professional experience and personal passion to create THR1VE.


How did you get into the Fashion Industry?

After a few years in London, I returned to Sydney focused on securing a business leadership role with a creative and innovative company. The Australian fashion industry was enjoying a renaissance, with brands like Sass & Bide and Tsubi making a splash, and an uniquely Australian perspective on new luxury fashion and accessories was evolving. A mutual friend of Heidi Middleton’s and mine put us together, and fortunately for me, Heidi and Sarah-Jane gave me a chance. I joined Sass & Bide as GM, and was promoted to CEO 12 months later - it was a fantastic 5 years.

What made you change from Fashion to Healthy Food?

Health and wellness has been a lifelong passion. After 12 years in fashion I felt it was time to follow my heart, taking the best of my fashion industry experience - brand development, business leadership, organisational design, and so on - and applying to something of my own design, an innovative concept in the health and wellness space. I always wanted to launch my own brand, health and wellness was where my true passion lay, and I am truly excited by the idea that THR1VE because it helps our customers to look, feel, and perform their best. Doing well by doing good…and all that suff.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

People.Finding, recruiting, developing, and retaining great people.It is tough in the UK and the USA, but much tougher again here in Australia. Working with a team of smart, passionate and determined individuals, who not only immediately grasp what it is you are trying to do, but then add their own unique value to it making it better than you could have hoped for, is a wonderful thing.

What are your top 5 tips for staying healthy?

  1. Eliminate processed foods and drinks, all grains, artificial oils, and sugar.

  2. Eat plenty of seasonal veggies, quality protein, nuts and seeds, and whole fruit.

  3. Lift heavy things twice a week, sprint once a week - train intensely and infrequently, walk as much as you can every day.

  4. Sleep at least 7 hours a night, more if you can.

  5. Get natural sunlight every day, use Cod Liver Oil during winter months.

Having been in the Fashion Industry what is your number one tip for a woman to look stylish?

Nothing is more beautiful, or sexier, than confidence. (Editor's note...oh yeah!)

What about men? What is the best advice you can give the guys for looking good?

A well cut suit will hide a multitude of sins, invest in a tailored suit. Though if you eat at THR1VE, you wont need it ;)

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