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Recycled Pallets Make Great Furniture Pieces

MadeByPallet rejuvenates discarded wooden pallets, making them into unique coffee tables that preserve their original character. Collected, sanded, varnished and painted by Josie Eadie, a Sydney based Graphic Designer/Nursing Student, going through a 'quarter-life-howcanIsavetheworld-crisis'.

All pallets are rescued lawfully (…after Josie realised 2am drive-bys were unnecessary when a warehouse manager expressed enormous gratitude that he no longer had to pay for their trip to the tip). Sporting all the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) a mother can secure to their offspring, Josie applies an intense makeover to salvageable pallets so that that coffee table book you bought from that 'cool' bookstore has a place to begin courting your visitors.

Why not give these timber pallets a new life and lasting purpose!

Have an ogle at these reborn pieces, each with their own unique marks, dents and dints.

For purchase enquiries contact:


– 500,000,000 wooden pallets are produced every year (in the US alone) and more than half are tossed to landfill.

– Almost 200,000,000 trees are cut down solely for the production of wooden pallets. This high production drains natural resources and places a huge burden on the waste disposal system.

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