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European inspired styling and meticulous attention to detail in mens shirts.

Mens Style in Sydney

As one of Australia's longest running specialist shirt makers, Ganton offers you a unique blend of finely crafted workmanship, European inspired styling and meticulous attention to detail.

Ganton specialises in business and dress shirts that fit you better. Ganton create shirts in Extra Slim Film, City Tailored Fit and Classic Fit.

Founded by Allan Marmot over 40 years ago, Allan’s ambition was to offer stylish, high quality shirts that held integrity and exuded leadership.

Even with today’s necessity to manufacture in Hong Kong and Thailand, Ganton continue to make many of their shirts here in the Australian factory. In fact, they are still based in Sydney and proudly family owned. We like that!

To view the Ganton range of shirts, please visit

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