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Learn how to become an Instagram Star - Short course for smartphone photography

Sydney Harbour

by Deb Carr

I am totally in love with Instagram and was delighted to find a two hour smartphone photography course that I could join and learn to take better photos. So on this bitterly cold Saturday morning off I trotted to Circular Quay in Sydney, dressed in layers of clothing, scarf and of course shoes that I could walk in for two hours.

Sam, from Photoh was our tutor and explained a lot of things about taking photos from using different settings on the camera. DOH! I can’t believe I never even thought about playing around with the settings before. We were also shown how to take photos using different light, perspectives and framing. It made such a difference and I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 took these photos here. Speaking of Samsung, I am actually due for a new phone but I am reluctant to change because I love the camera in my current phone so much.

One of the gems I learnt today was taking a Panoramic photo which you can see pictured.

I recommend this short course for anyone who wants to improve their smartphone photography skills. Also if you are looking to getting more likes on Instagram and grow your following.

Photoh courses are in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Put this one on your list for things to do in Sydney.

Circular Quay Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Botanic Gardens
Sydney - Circular Quay

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