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A lifestyle boutique incorporating architecture, interior design and lifestyle.

Henry Corbett

We spoke with Manel Daetz who is the Creative Director of Henry Corbett a lifestyle boutique incorporating architecture, interior design and lifestyle.

What inspired you to open Henry Corbett?

We have an absolute love for architecture, interior design andorganic lifestyle and with this we wanted to create a boutique showroom that infused these elements together.

Because of our love for holistic design we incorporated décor furniture and fashion.

With this intention in mind the Henry Corbett & Co. boutique has now become the haven of handcrafted authentic and elegant design that you can select to add to your lifestyle.

Henry Corbett & co

Where do you source your pieces from?

In sourcing our pieces we look for designs that have had time, effort, and heartfelt consideration worked into them. We believe in connecting you with the artist and allowing the pieces to take on a life of their own. So we carefully select bespoke and unique pieces from here and all around the world pieces that resinates with our belief in organic, sustainable and handcrafted designs.

Sydney Lifestyle

What inspires you?

Our inspiration comes from all the people who collaborate with the Henry Corbett & Co. boutique and a great amount of that comes from the fashion and furniture designers who embrace our philosophy of organic authenticity using fabrics and sustainable mediums to create their pieces with. We are continually inspired by fashion as we all create our individual culture’s by styling ourselves with pieces that we love and that intricately reflect who we are.

Bathroom Henry Corbett

What's trending in homes in 2014?

Our clients love the concept of an oasis that incorporates holistic design from architectural planning through to Interior styling. We create this by giving our unique design approach to every project. One that connects our clients with nature in a luxurious and relaxed way and we see this trend coming forth from all around the world.

In our travels to Paris, Amsterdam and Milan we have consistency seen the trend of embracing unique sustainable design with a core focus on artisan pieces.

sydney lifestyle blog

How would you describe Sydney culture?

Sydney has an amazing energy about it with a unique curiosity that supports design authenticity and simplicity. It also is constantly welcoming and engaging where every you go. We also think that the streets are paved with foot prints leading to luxurious restaurants and beautiful boutiques because Sydney siders have great taste.


What are your 5 essential pieces for the home?

Our 5 essential pieces are defiantly desirables that bring light, relaxation and energy to every home.

Scented candles from the Henry Corbett & Co. collection are absolutely amazing. Here is a sneak peak of the inspiration of where the fragrances come from a must have for any room:

Belvedere - When looking out from the belvedere of a Tuscan villa gives us inspiration for this fragrance, where we see the olive groves, the vineyards and the flaxen fields

being bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun.

Cushions are a must they make any sofa or occasional chair feel like you never want to leave it, they are so sofa and comfy.

A great hand cream in the bathroom is a must, our guests love our Henry Corbett & Co. signature hand cream on the basin just to add a bit of everyday luxe to your life.

Everyone needs a full length mirror it is the essential last glimpse before you leave your house, just to check that you are doing the classic “Something about Mary” hair thing.

Rugs are beautiful, they add depth and layer texture into home to make them feel inviting and sophisticated.

Contact: 14 Moncur St. Woollahra, Sydney, NSW, Australia P: (02) 8964 8421

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