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Sydney Author Karina Machado releases her third book with Pan Macmillan Australia : Love Never Dies


By Deb Carr

When I was contacted by Karina to be interviewed for one of her upcoming books I gladly agreed. Karina’s book was to be called “Love Never Dies” and she would interview people, like myself, who had some sort of communication from people they loved who had died but appear to exist in another dimension.

In my case, I had been grieving heavily for my brother who had taken his own life. I was inconsolable and didn’t know how I was ever going to repair my pain. Then one night, a few days after Gary's death I heard his voice and he came to me with a message to tell me he was really happy and no longer in any pain.

The reason I gladly agreed to be interviewed and featured in Love Never Dies was because I hope my story, and the story of the other people featured in the book, will bring some hope and relief for others who are grieving.

Today I finally got a copy of the book. I was walking home from shopping and for some reason went a completely different way. I walked past a bookshop I’ve never noticed before. I wasn’t intending to visit a bookshop today, yet I went inside, and immediately to the back of the shop to find the only copy of Love Never Dies which I wasn't even looking for. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not!

Congratulations and thank you Karina, a Sydney Author who has written three books published by Pan Macmillan Australia.


Karina Machado was born in Uruguay and was 2 when her family moved to Australia, where she grew up hearing stories of her mum’s psychic gift, igniting a life-long curiosity about the paranormal. Passionate about books and writing since she taught herself to read with Golden Books, Karina always knew she had to “work with words.” She began her career in journalism as editorial assistant at TIME magazine in 1994, and is now a senior editor at WHO magazine. She’s also obsessed with the Tudors, and has been known to dress up as Anne Boleyn, whose ghost she’s sadly never seen.

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In loving memory of Gary Steven Doran 25.11.64 - 2.11.98

I've included a video I made featuring Gary's amazing artwork.

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